AMAR Law Firm - Lawyer in Israel

Cabinet AMAR is involved in all areas of taxation, business law and company law:


Taxation of companies under French and Israeli law , in particular advice on tax optimization, corporate tax, international VAT issues (global flows) , package management (optimization of executive and top manager remuneration), as well as the creation and tax support of transnational companies.

This expertise in taxation in Israel and France is a major asset for your business.

In addition, we are also experts in business creation (choice of regime, drafting of articles of association, tax optimization, etc.).

Our experience is also at your service in the context of mergers, splits, and acquisitions, as well as in cases of partial asset transfers or even when setting up Israeli or foreign subsidiaries.


Taxation of individuals , in particular advice on tax optimization, as well as income tax and the regularization of foreign accounts.


Tax litigation in particular recourse to the courts. Indeed, we also ensure your defense in the event of a tax audit.

In addition, our area of ​​expertise also extends to the initiation of emergency procedures (summary proceedings), contentious complaints, as well as requests for suspension of payment and management of the constitution of guarantees.


Real estate taxation.


Successions and international donations.


The taxation of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.


Our perfect knowledge of the business world, in France and in Israel, represents a major asset for the defense of your interests.

In addition, our in-depth knowledge of French, European and Israeli tax legislation makes Cabinet AMAR a unique address in Israel.

Adv. Moshé AMAR - Lawyer in Israel

AMAR is an international law firm offering its services in French, Hebrew and English. Composed of international lawyers and jurists with real expertise in Israeli, French, European and international law. This perfect knowledge of the different legal systems makes AMAR firm a unique address in Israel.

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