AMAR Law Firm - Lawyer in Israel

Cabinet AMAR intervenes in all areas of business law

The creation and structuring of companies

Commercial contracts, pacts and assemblies

Conflicts between partners

Responsibility of leaders



Litigation and proceedings

Business assets and leases

Acquisitions, mergers and divestitures

Dispute resolution and transaction support

Bankruptcy proceedings and business difficulties

Industrial contracts and commercial complexes

Project arrangements

The audit and analysis of industrial risks

Expertises and legal disputes

Amicable conflict resolution

This list is not exhaustive, it only offers an overview of the main areas of intervention in company law.

Adv. Moshé AMAR - Lawyer in Israel

AMAR is an international law firm offering its services in French, Hebrew and English. Composed of international lawyers and jurists with real expertise in Israeli, French, European and international law. This perfect knowledge of the different legal systems makes AMAR firm a unique address in Israel.

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